Here are two ways to use to help you a lot if you’re having trouble with vocabulary.

Generating a list of words you don’t know

1. Sign up for an account at

2. After signing in, pull the slider on the vocabulary settings all the way to the left.

3. Go through and click on the words you need just like you normally would.
Catullus 72 with vocab selected

4. Click on ‘All the words you’ve clicked’ at the bottom of the page.
all the words you've clicked circled

5. You’ll get a list of the last hundred words you clicked, starting with proper names and going in alphabetical order. This is very useful for seeing what you need to study.
last words clicked

Generating general vocabulary

You can also use the tools to generate a list of every word in a particular poem or passage.

1. Go to the bottom of the page again. Click on the link to the left.
for this book

2. This will bring up a page with links to every poem and/or passage from the author.

3. Choose the passages you want and hit the link at the bottom to generate a customized vocabulary list.