Books in Greek and Latin on Google Books

Latin Resources

  • A tool that glosses all of the Latin words from a passage with their (computer-generated) definitions. It can keep a list of every word you look up.
  • Glossa A more standard dictionary, with online and downloadable versions. Very nice for comparing usage.

Tools I use and enjoy

  • Mendeley For managing citations and storing pdfs.
  • DevonThink For saving all of those little scraps of information that I know will be useful someday.
  • Dropbox Online file storage that is accessible from and synchronized across computers, iOS devices, and just about any other way you choose to use it. I keep a lot of things on it so I can use them anywhere and so they’re backed up. (Full disclosure: if you sign up for Dropbox using the link that I have there, you and I will each get a little more space.)