Latin Tutoring in the Pioneer Valley/Five Colleges Area

I have taught Latin for eight years, in public and private schools. My students have come from at all levels, from beginning students to the AP curricula, including college students.

Some students meet with me to study Latin on an independent basis; I work with them to figure out a textbook, authors, and pace that will help them meet their goals in studying Latin. Others meet with me for tutoring to help what they are already studying in school.

I have experience with the textbooks Latin for Americans, Latin for the New Millennium, Ecce Romani, Latin Via Ovid, Wheelock, and Jenney (both the ‘purple’ and the ‘red’ versions). I also have tutored and taught Caesar, Vergil/Virgil (especially the AP Aeneid syllabus), Cicero, Catullus, Ovid, Sallust, Livy, Lucretius, and many other authors.

I am currently accepting new students, both for remedial work and for independent study. Please contact me by e-mail at magistrahf+tutoring@gmail.com for further information.